Ordering Prints

Print Order ExampleWhen you are ready to order prints from your package, please e-mail us with the image size, gallery name and image name found below each image (see example e-mail to left). We will place the order for you.

Please keep in mind that print sizes (for example, 16" x 24") are different dimensions than standard frame sizes (for example, 16" x 20") sold in stores and custom framing is recommended. Most stores that do custom framing require at least two weeks for framing so this should be factored into the timeline as you are planning. In a pinch, Amazon.com sells nice frames at the dimensions of professional print sizes and can be found here in a variety of frame styles.

When ordering prints outside your package, just click the BUY button shown above the photo and select the size or print product. Canvases and special print items are available.